Photographic Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania

African Home Adventure Safaris also specializes in taking small photographic groups safaris on dedicated photography tours to some of Africa’s most famous wildlife destinations that is Kenya and Tanzania. We offer small group exclusivity with 3 photographers per vehicle, on our Kenyan and Tanzanian Safaris. Our safaris offer a totally different experience with less movement, less noise and fewer decisions to be made.

The value of being one in a small group is enormous. It enables you to spend quality time with animals, have plenty of space for equipment and guaranteed access to both sides of the safari vehicle, not to mention more 1 to 1 tuition time with your safari guide.

Our focus on these tours is to help you with your photography. Our guides will always help you to take full control of your camera so that every aspect of every photo has been thought through before the shutter button is pressed. Becoming a thoughtful photographer is essential to improving the quality of your images. Our safaris are enjoyed by people with a strong interest in both wildlife and photography. All levels, from beginner to advanced amateur are welcome.

Comfortable en-suite accommodation providing recharging facilities is standard on all our photographic tours. A mix of packed breakfasts and lunches enables us to maximize time in the field. Buffet style and home cooked dinners are enjoyed either in restaurants or outdoors.

Join us on a unique & productive photographic adventure – you take the photos and allow us to take care of the rest.