Accommodation during safari is varied, with many diverse options to choose from, thus there is something for every level of comfort and budget

Luxury lodges safari is one option if true comfort is something that has to be part of your safari package, then mid-range camps and another option is the budget camps.

These accommodation sources, particularly luxe lodges, are mostly the ones with great reviews and have justifiably earned their stars through regular assessment. The vast majority of safari lodges have phenomenal service and many of them provide VIP service to every guest. Also, it’s important for you to check out reviews of these places before you go.

Choose a Unique Place to Stay
Luxury accommodation found in the safari destinations are all strategically located, specially designed with amazing scenery in the surroundings. Enlighten your safari with a special accommodation experience that will make the excursion memorable and extra special.

You’ll find luxury lodge accommodation conveniently close to wild animals in Masai Mara specially. Luxury lodge properties in Masai Mara are host to the Big Five, often set in tranquil spots that make the most of the park’s landscapes. Staying near a river will offer some unique wildlife-viewing experiences, where some of these lodge accommodations in Mara are situated.

Find accommodation which fits your Budget

There’s a reasonably wide range of the types of safari accommodations available. But, it’s up to you to decide which one matches your tastes and budget. Price is definitely going to be a factor influencing the decision you make, so it’s important for you to decide how you want to spread your safari budget. If you’re planning to stay in one place for a while, splurging on a world-class safari lodge doesn’t sound bad. However, it might not be worth the cash for a super luxurious accommodation if you’re only staying for a short time.

Many budget travelers get very disappointed when they realize how expensive a safari can be, however, there are also economic camps which offer the best rates for this particular category of wanderlust travelers like Enchoro Wildlifes Camp. The fundamental point of a safari, after all, is to experience the incredible wildlife Africa has to offer, and everything else is just icing on the cake. Conversely, finding an African safari on a budget will mean being flexible a little bit. Most mid-range camps are very satisfactory as they provide value for the money spent by offering great amenities and entertainment.

Given that accommodation is such a large portion of the overall safari cost, opting for a budget type of accommodation can help to reduce safari costs dramatically. Most national parks in Africa have one or more campsites and are well set up with on-site bathrooms and outdoor dining areas, giving you an authentic experience.

While not for everyone, group safaris are a great option for keeping accommodation and transport costs down. They also provide an opportunity to interact with other travel enthusiasts.