Mount Kenya Trekking Tours & Climbing Routes

At 5,199 m, Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in africa. It is an ancient extinct volcano, during whose period of activity (3.1–2.6 million years ago), is thought to have risen to 6,500 m. There are 12 remnant glaciers on mount Kenya, all receding rapidly, and four secondary peaks that sit at the head of the U-shaped glacial valleys. With it's rugged glacier-clad summits and forested middle slopes, Mount Kenya trekking tours offers one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa. The evolution and ecology of its afro-alpine flora also provide an outstanding example of ecological processes. There are three main routes, which penetrate the forest and the moorland. The routes are Naromoru, Sirimon and Chogoria and each of which has something different to offer. Naromoru is the fastest route to point Lenana but not as scenic as Sirimon route and Chogoria route. Mount Kenya climbing tour consist of three peaks, the Batian [the highest] Nelion and Lenana. Of these peaks, the original hard center core is all that remains; the bulk of the volcano has been eroded away with time.

  • Sirimon Route 4 Days Tours.

    A more gradual trek to the summit, traversing areas of rich forest cover before emerging into the sprawling moorlands. This hike is usually rated as the easiest among the short trips and is quite popular with persons attempting to reach an altitude exceeding 4000m for the first time.

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  • Sirimon-Chogoria Route 5 days.

    On this mount Kenya climbing tours, you ascend via the dry and beautiful little used sirimon trail and descend on the scenic chogoria trail. You reach point lenana (4985 m), the highest point accessible to walkers, and return to base through the mountain forest to chogoria town.

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  • Naro Moru Route 5 Days.

    This route is situated on the west side of the mountain, and it’s the most steepest and the fastest way up the mountain. Most people from Nairobi prefer this route because it is the closest. You are likely to encounter troops of colobus monkeys commonly found in the forest.

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  • Naro Moru–Chogoria 5 Days.

    This is a 5 day trekking tour, through Chogoria route, situated on the Eastern side of the mountain, and it’s the most scenic and rewarding for hikers interested in seeing beautiful landscapes and the exotic flora on the mountain. You will enjoy this trek as you listen to the stillness of the park.

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  • Sirimon-Chogoria 6 Days.

    This mount Kenya climbing tour joins two of the most scenic routes up Mount Kenya. Sirimon is accessed via the North West corner of the mountain, and it is considered one of the easier routes as it climbs relatively gradually with only a couple of steeper sections to reach the top descending through chogoria route.

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  • Sirimon-Naromoru 7 Days.

    The naro moru route is the fastest and therefore also the most popular route onto the mountain, being used by many of the tour and outfitting companies guiding clients up to point lenana.

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